Oklahomans are facing real challenges like rising costs, underfunded schools, and a governor who squanders our hard earned tax dollars.

Instead of supporting our neighborhood schools and fixing the teacher shortage, Stitt pushes private school vouchers. Vouchers are a rural school killer. I oppose this plan and support a bold investment in our kids’ futures.

While hospitals and nursing homes struggle, Stitt would privatize SoonerCare, putting an out-of-state corporation between patients and health care. I will listen to experts, support our doctors and protect your freedom to make personal health decisions with a trusted family physician.

And I’ve heard from too many Oklahomans who are struggling. Instead of fighting for jobs to sustain families, our current governor wastes time pitting neighbor against neighbor, and fighting with tribal governments and the Supreme Court. 

Oklahoma belongs to you, not to a single politician or political party. Working together, we can find common ground and fight for what matters most to our families and communities.