Joy recognizes and supports the sovereignty of tribal nations in Oklahoma, and respects the significant contributions tribal members make to our communities through education, healthcare, law enforcement, charitable donations and economic impact.

Oklahoma’s tribal nations represent a $15 billion impact on our state’s economy. Joy knows that a prosperous future for all Oklahomans depends on a shared understanding of sovereignty and a deeper partnership with tribal citizens.

Joy’s strong relationships with native communities were built over many years and she is proud to have worked hard for their support. As state superintendent, she led the way to ensure all Oklahoma students learned the tribal history and culture that shapes our state. She empowered Oklahoma State Department of Education employees to meet with tribal leaders and schools to discuss the needs of Native youth and build a collaborative relationship. 

Kevin Stitt’s refusal to work alongside tribal governments on state compacts and criminal jurisdiction has created chaos and division in Oklahoma. As governor, Joy will work to restore these critical partnerships for the benefit of all.