It’s hard to keep track of the scandals, mismanagement, and backroom deals happening in the governor’s office today. But make no mistake–the scandals surrounding Epic, the Department of Tourism, the Commission of the Land, mismanaged GEER funds, the Oklahoma Pandemic Center and rampant cronyism have one thing in common: Kevin Stitt. 

His behavior has destroyed our trust in state government. The only bottomline Kevin Stitt cares about is his own. And he’s running the state into the ground. 

Joy knows Oklahomans are the ones who suffer when politicians choose self-dealing over the people they are supposed to serve.  Sadly, shady backroom deals and wasting countless millions in taxpayer dollars have become the norm. Under Stitt, the state has awarded nearly $20 million in lucrative government contracts to some of his campaign donors and allies. That’s not his money, it’s yours. 

Joy believes Oklahoma belongs to you. As governor, she’ll make accountability and transparency the cornerstone of her administration. She will embrace the advice of industry and policy experts to focus on long-term strategic planning instead of short-term political pandering. 

Once in office, Joy will institute a line by line audit of every state contract to root out waste, fraud, and abuse. And she will work to restore the capacity of state agencies that our current governor has mismanaged to the point of collapse. 

Joy will restore honesty, transparency, and accountability to the governor’s office.