The pandemic exposed a digital divide between urban and rural Oklahoma. As state superintendent, Joy acted, distributing 50,000 internet hotspots to students so they could connect with their teachers. But the problem needs a long-term solution. Whether you’re working, learning, or worshiping from home, Joy believes all Oklahomans deserve the freedom to access high-speed internet. She will get it done for families and communities with well-vetted contracts and accountable leadership. If we can’t trust the current governor with BBQ, we can’t trust him with broadband.

Fixing our physical infrastructure is a critical piece of the picture. Joy will make Oklahoma roads, bridges and infrastructure a top priority across the state — especially in places that seem forgotten — like the Southeast corner of Oklahoma where booming out-of-state tourism and traffic have created unmet needs. Joy’s infrastructure plans will help build a modern future including a forward-thinking strategy that prepares Oklahoma for electric vehicles and renewable energy, and builds communities where our kids want to put down roots. 

For far too long, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has had unchecked power over individual property rights. Recent projects have undermined the public’s trust and trampled on our system of checks and balances. Joy supports Eminent Domain reform and an OTA audit to ensure Oklahomans don’t sacrifice their homes, land, or livelihoods to shortsighted politicians. 

In addition, restored relationships with sovereign tribal governments is a high priority for Joy. She knows that stronger partnerships are key to improved infrastructure and opportunities to build for our future.