Oklahomans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare, and the freedom to make healthcare decisions with a trusted doctor. 

Joy opposes Stitt’s scheme to privatize SoonerCare, which would harm rural hospitals and nursing homes, increase costs and send millions of taxpayer dollars to out-of-state private companies. Joy puts her faith in Oklahoma doctors and patients to do what is best, not wealthy out-of-state CEOs. 

Joy will prioritize solving Oklahoma’s nursing shortage and work to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Oklahoma families. 

Just as Joy has stood with rural schools, she will work to restore and protect rural health care. And when it comes to mental health, Joy has a track record of investing in the resources Oklahomans deserve. As governor, she will recruit mental health professionals to work in underserved communities statewide and cut the red tape that stands in the way of better health outcomes.