Joy is a gun owner and would protect the 2nd Amendment. She also believes there are ways to promote safer communities through gun safety measures. Joy supports background checks on gun sales, raising the age to purchase a gun to 21 and a three day waiting period between buying a gun and taking it home. Like many Oklahomans, Joy believes we should work together to find common ground to help end gun violence – and is especially focused on preventing gun violence at our schools. 

In 2018, through a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Joy created the Office of School Safety and Security (OSSS). In its first year of operation, the OSSS partnered with the University of Central Oklahoma’s School of Criminal Justice and the Oklahoma School Security Institute to develop Student Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management training.  

The OSSS has expanded its services for school districts to include active assailant and de-escalation trainings, emergency operation planning and preparedness, and behavioral threat assessments. 

In the 2019-2020 school year, Joy ensured that the Rave Panic Button was made available for all public K-12 school districts statewide. The Rave Panic Button alerts authorities to an active assailant, medical emergency, fire or other crisis situation a school may encounter. 

Joy will continue to prioritize keeping our kids and communities safe while protecting Oklahomans’ constitutional rights.