Joy believes that energy, more than almost anything else, defines our quality of life. We need more energy, not less. Joy would stand alongside Oklahoma’s oil and gas leaders to protect the jobs and way of life for thousands of Oklahomans.

Oklahoma’s role as a national energy leader should be championed. We have opportunities to harness a future in emerging energy sources that allows our existing companies to thrive and invites new
technologies to our state.

As the Oklahoma governor’s race tightens, Stitt is using misleading attack ads to deceive Oklahoma voters. 

“Governor Stitt continues to lie and mislead to cover up for his failed and corrupt record as governor. We are tired of the corruption, the dishonesty and the lining of his allies’ pockets. The recent ad claiming I favor Joe Biden’s energy policy and would join in attacks on Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry is false. If Stitt attacks me for working with energy leaders back in 2018 to raise teacher pay, then he must also attack the Republican majority in the state legislature who were lockstep with the proposal— which helped give our kids the support they needed. I will proudly stand with Republicans, Democrats and our oil and gas industry as we work together to bring needed change to our state. And unlike Kevin Stitt, I will put job creation in Oklahoma ahead of my donors and political allies, ” said Joy Hofmeister.