Press Release

Joy Hofmeister Challenges Governor Kevin Stitt to Debate

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joy Hofmeister, candidate for governor, has accepted invitations to debate current governor Kevin Stitt in three forums this fall.

“Oklahoma is at a tipping point. The future of our schools and communities is at stake, and voters deserve to hear directly from the candidates on critical issues like public education and access to health care,” said Hofmeister

Hofmeister is open to additional debate invitations and has thus far agreed to participate in three debates:

  • Thursday, September 29, at the University of Tulsa, 7:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 18th, on OETA, 7:00 p.m.
  • Monday, October 24th, live on KOTV Tulsa, KWTV OKC, and KWSO Lawton

“Restoring honesty, transparency, and accountability to the governor’s office will be among my top priorities and that starts with open, honest dialogue on a debate stage,” said Hofmeister.

Hofmeister won all 77 counties in Oklahoma in her 2014 election for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. In her 2018 re-election to the office, she earned more total votes than Stitt did as a gubernatorial candidate. She is seeking to replace him as governor of Oklahoma in 2022. Recent polls show the governor’s race tightening with Hofmeister narrowing Stitt’s lead to single digits.  More information on her candidacy and policy positions can be found at