Press Release

Joy Hofmeister Votes in June 28th Primary

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joy Hofmeister, candidate for governor, and her husband officially
cast their primary ballots this morning from their hometown polling place in Tulsa.
“Oklahoma belongs to you, to each of us and not to any politician or political party. My
husband and I taught our four children the value of their vote by taking them with us to
the polls when they were young. I continue to approach each election day with a deep
sense of responsibility,” said Hofmeister.

In her first-ever election, Hofmeister won all 77 counties in Oklahoma in her race to
serve as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Parents across the state proved
their trust in her to do what’s best for their students and schools.

“This is an exciting day. The Primary marks an important step toward change in
November. I am proud of what we have accomplished for students and I’m ready to
keep working for world-class schools, accessible and affordable healthcare, and better
jobs for Oklahoma families,” Hofmeister said.

Hofmeister announced her candidacy in October 2021 and is building a statewide
campaign infrastructure squarely focused on winning the general election
(announcement video link). Having raised over $1,000,000 without self-funding,
Hofmeister has the grassroots momentum needed to end extremism and deliver change
to Oklahoma.

“Like a lot of Oklahomans, I’m an independent thinker. I value faith, family and working
together to solve problems. But Governor Stitt has lost sight of those Oklahoma values
we all hold dear,” said Hofmeister. “Instead of moving our state forward, we’re stuck in
his cycle of scandal and self-dealing. Stitt isn’t leading. He’s reading from a national
script. And I’m looking forward to working with Oklahomans across the state to tackle
the needs in our communities.”