Press Release

Hofmeister Comments on Botched Execution, Calls for Suspension of Further Executions

OKLAHOMA CITY— Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction and candidate for Oklahoma governor, issued the following statement regarding the botched execution of John Marion Grant and the state’s intention to move forward with six more executions in the coming months.

“This latest example of a botched execution should give all Oklahomans serious concerns about the State’s ability to properly administer the death penalty.

“In 2016, 66% of Oklahomans voted to uphold the death penalty as the highest form of punishment for the most egregious crimes, and it is the governor’s job to ensure executions are carried out appropriately. After reviewing eyewitness reports from the death chamber, it is clear the governor has failed to do that.

“Governor Stitt should immediately suspend further executions until he can guarantee the people of Oklahoma that his administration can properly carry out the sentence.”