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Important Information For Oklahoma Voters

Voters in Comanche County, Payne County, Canadian County and Wagoner County need to know about Joy Hofmeister. They need to hear and read that she will stand up to both parties to do what is right, protect our schools and fight for jobs. They need to know that Kevin Stitt’s corruption and self-dealing is holding our state back and that the election on November 8 is critical for the future of our economy.


Voters in Oklahoma need to see that Kevin Stitt has used his position as governor to look out for himself and his cronies, not Oklahomans. Voters need to see and read that Stitt acknowledged Oklahoma will never be Top Ten in education under his leadership. Under Stitt’s corrupt and mismanaged administration, Oklahoma can never rise above the bottom in key areas like crime, education, rural infrastructure and economic opportunity.

Specifically, voters need to know that:

  • Stitt’s administration approved a contract to funnel up to $3.4 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies into Stitt’s business while he was in office.
  • Under Stitt, the state has awarded nearly $20 million in lucrative government contracts to some of Stitt’s biggest campaign donors and allies.
  • Stitt has allowed over a thousand dangerous criminals back onto the streets of Oklahoma and set a national record for the number released in one day. Multiple felons released went on to kill, including one man who was charged with murdering a 4-year-old girl weeks after Stitt let him out.
  • During the October 19 debate, Kevin Stitt stated that it was “not true” that the rates of violent crime were higher under his watch than New York and California.
  • In fact, numerous fact checkers have shown that rates of violent crime are higher in Oklahoma than in New York and California according to FBI data. 
  • Kevin Stitt has let out numerous violent offenders, one of whom murdered Andrea Blankenship, Leon Pye, and Pye’s 4-year old granddaughter Kaeos Yates.
  • During October 19 debate, Kevin Stitt stated “being top ten is an aspirational goal, it’s something we’re never going to hit”
  • Previously, Kevin Stitt said Oklahoma was “well positioned” to be a top 10 state. 

Voters in rural Oklahoma need to see and read that Stitt’s voucher scheme and failed leadership is hurting their communities:

  • Oklahoma had the largest increase in foreign-held agricultural land in the United States under Stitt in 2020, reaching a total of 1.5 million acres of farmland held by foreign entities.
  • Despite state law requiring at least 75% of an Oklahoma marijuana business to be owned by a state resident, under Stitt’s failed leadership the state had a persistent issue with ‘ghost owners’ covering for operations owned by non-residents — including allegations of operations being controlled by criminal organizations from China, Russia and Mexico.
  • Stitt’s school voucher scheme is an attack on rural schools and on the way of life that many Oklahomans hold dear. Vouchers will direct public funds to private schools and likely lead to school budget cuts — dismantling or consolidating schools in small districts.
Most Oklahomans have something in common: We love our state and believe it can be better. Finding common ground and getting things done is at the heart of why I launched this campaign.

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